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Photography Courses & Lessons

"I have taken a course at our community college and a few on line courses and have not found any to be as informative and easy to understand as Nick's instruction."
Student: Sheri Pascual | Read More Testimonials

Learn Photography with Nick

Online Photography Courses - Private Lessons

Through Nick Carver’s online photography courses and private photography lessons, you'll learn all the most important tools to creating great photos. Nick’s experience spans over 20 years as a photographer and over 12 years as a photography instructor, logging over 5,000 hours of one-on-one and group teaching time. His extensive experience as a photography teacher has made it possible for him to distill down the most important topics for his students and explain them in a way that bypasses all the confusion and clutter encountered with unstructured independent study. His lessons are crystal clear, effective, and un-intimidating for even the greenest beginner.

Nick has a unique approach to teaching that helps students reach new heights in their photography in record time. Topics covered in his online photography courses range from digital photography basics to advanced light metering with film photography. His courses also address shooting in manual mode, macro photography, landscape photography, photo filters, portraits, sports and action photography, camera functions, shutter speed, aperture, ISO, exposure, white balance, composition, lighting for photography, digital workflow, Adobe Lightroom, and much, much more! There are few topics in photography that Nick isn’t well-versed in and he continues to expand his own expertise through regular study and research.

These online courses can be done from anywhere in the world with an internet connection and they feature lifetime access - no monthly fees, no expiration date. His private photography lessons in Orange County, CA offer the unparalleled effectiveness of one-on-one attention so that the student can address exactly the topics he or she needs without having to keep pace with a group. These lessons are available year-round and for all skill levels and can even be delivered anywhere in the world via video chat.

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