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"I've taken several classes from Nick and I've never been disappointed. Nick has the ability to distill topics down to the basics and present them in a fun and interesting way."

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Nick Carver is a producer of fine art photography and a teacher of digital photography through online photography courses offered throughout the United States, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, and worldwide. Specializing in landscape photography, nature photography, stock photography, black and white photography, digital photography, and film photography, Nick Carver is based in Orange County, CA and has been deeply immersed in photography for over a decade. With publication credits ranging from Outdoor Photographer magazine to Travel & Leisure Magazine to the OC Register, Nick Carver’s career reflects a deep-seated dedication and passion for the craft of landscape, nature, and fine art photography.

Through his online photography courses, Nick offers some of the most clear and effective instruction available on the techniques and artistry of digital photography. His talent for teaching has made his in-depth online photography courses some of the best on the internet, rivaling many of the top photography schools in return on investment. Also offering group photography classes in Orange County, Nick Carver has become one of the leading photography instructors in Southern California.

Nick was introduced to nature photography and landscape photography at the age of 13 through a middle school elective class. He soon discovered the awe-inspiring color film photography of Galen Rowell and the black and white photography of Ansel Adams, both of which have served as major influences and sources of inspiration in his work. Having learned through personal study and experimentation rather than through formal photography schools, Nick exhibits a trademark objective and logical viewpoint on the study and application of photography that has become increasingly rare in the age of digital. He has a strong philosophy of not relying on digital manipulation to create photos. With firm roots in film photography, Nick Carver approaches digital photography with the same attitude of “get it right in-camera” and a general philosophy of “don’t do anything you couldn’t have done with film.” This philosophy shines through in spades with his fine art photography which exhibits a style untainted by the heavy hand of Photoshop. This purist philosophy also plays a major role in his online photography courses and group photography classes. His goal with his online photography courses is to teach students how to become better photographers through proper shooting technique, strong compositional skills, adroit use of the camera, and expert application of camera filters. Despite his expertise in the use of Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop, Nick encourages students to reserve those tools for image enhancement rather than image correction. Nick Carver’s online photography courses appeal to photographers of all skill levels and interests.

As an expert shooter and teacher of both digital photography and film photography, Nick Carver utilizes both mediums in his work. Film serves as the medium of choice for his current fine art photography, but digital photography remains a regularly-used medium in his daily shooting. Nick prefers to create fine art and landscape photography through the use of medium format and large format photography with image formats that include 6x7, 4x5, and 6x17 panoramic photography. Nick prefers the higher resolution and slower pace of large format photography because he feels it better connects him with his subjects and the resulting images. Nick Carver is an experienced shooter of both color photography and black and white photography, and you’ll find a profusion of work from both categories in his portfolio. Nick’s fine art photography has appeared in exhibits and galleries throughout Orange County including Artist Eye Gallery in Laguna Beach, Bistango Restaurant & Gallery in Irvine, and the Irvine Fine Arts Center.

Nick Carver’s stock photography catalog contains images of a wide variety with a heavy emphasis on nature photography, landscape photography, and images of Orange County, CA. Rights managed stock photography and royalty free stock photography are available. His catalog also contains a profusion of images from the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California, Death Valley National Park, Joshua Tree National Park, Yosemite National Park, Mojave National Preserve, Olympic National Park, Washington state, Crystal Cove State Park, Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve, the Grand Canyon, Sedona, Arizona, Chino Hills State Park, and the hillsides of Southern California.

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