Welcome Letter From Nick

Hello and welcome to the Adobe Lightroom Online Course presented by Nick Carver Photography!

This course will teach you how to master Adobe Lightroom so that you can better organize, edit, and enhance your photos. In this extensive class, I will cover many topics that may or may not be brand new to you. Some of the topics may be simple for you to grasp while others will be much more difficult (especially for the technically challenged). Keep these study tips in mind when doing this course to help ensure you get the very most out of your study time:

Keep in mind that this is a home-study course and one of the biggest advantages to such a method of study is that you can work at your own pace! Don’t rush, don’t feel like you’re under pressure to finish in a certain time period and don’t stress! You have lifetime course access and there is no time limit to finish, so take all the time you need.

If you need help at any time, contact me at my personal email address:

Thank you for signing up and enjoy the course!


Nick Carver


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