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Thousand Steps Sunset

Thousand Steps in Laguna Beach

The clouds looked promising last Friday, so I decided to get out to the beach for some sunset pictures. I'm a little bit burned out on Crystal Cove and my other usual spots, so I went to Thousand Steps to see what I could get. I hadn't been to this beach in awhile, but I really do love it there. The single staircase of 223 stairs makes it more difficult to access than the usual Laguna beaches, which sucks for carrying 30+ lbs of camera gear (mostly on the way back to the car) but it's great for keeping the crowds away.

The sunset was, well...I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Thousand Steps in Laguna Beach

Thousand Steps in Laguna Beach

There's a weird illusion going on with this last picture where the horizon looks crooked, but definitely isn't. Strange...