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Redesigned Website!

After tons of hours at the keyboard and several nights burning the midnight oil,
I'm happy to announce the launch of my completely redesigned website!

Updates include:

A cleaner, more attractive design
A sleeker, more organized and more extensive Gallery with slideshow function
A brand new "New Releases" section
Tons of new images
Updated biography and "About the Products" section
A simplified menu and layout
And much more!

I put a ton of work and thought into this redesign and I am really happy with it. I think it "matches my personality" much better than my previous site design and also communicates a vibe I want to associate with my photography and business. For those of you who don't know, I personally design and create my site from scratch, so it's been a labor of love for me.

Take a look around, browse the new Gallery and enjoy that new site smell!
I hope you like it!

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