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And then the fog rolled in…

We had some major fog on New Year's Eve and on the night of New Year's Day. When it came rolling in on the 31st, I was a little bummed my night was pre-scheduled for partying, but it all worked out because I was able to get some shots the next night.

I basically just drove around Irvine looking for some good subjects. I experimented a little with off-camera flash, but the available light pictures came out much better. I put just a little treatment on most of these pictures - pretty much just vignettes and a little desaturation or saturation.†

†I love what fog does to the light. It creates so much depth.

This is actually a park in Irvine. That little building is a bathroom (I takes away a little bit from the mysticism of it all).

And I had to do a little dramatic self-portrait action. This road runs behind Northwood High, through the hills. There is hardly any development back there yet, mostly avocado groves and wildlands. Shooting there was awesome! I kept hearing coyotes howling from deep in the fog! It was amazing, but a little creepy with the fog and all.†

Winter in Orange County

We've had a lot of weather lately in Orange County. Some winter storms have brought rain, wind and very cold temperatures (for OC at least). I personally love it. I think I was built to live someplace more like Seattle than Orange County, so it's nice to have a little taste of winter weather for a change. I remember one year my friend and I went and got popsicles on Christmas Day because it was so hot. I'm happy to say this year will be different.

Orange County in Winter

These storms have, of course, made for some interesting light. I'm ashamed to say I haven't taken advantage of it to the degree that I should. Life has gotten the best of me and I've consequently been in a bit of a rut these past few weeks. I haven't felt like taking new pictures, editing old pictures or doing anything at all, really. Just an overall lack of vigor for life, you know what I mean?

Oh, well. These periods happen in life. At least they are few and far between for me and I am coming out of it. So I decided to get off my ass yesterday and go get some shots. I didn't go to the beach like usual. Instead, I drove to the empty road behind my old high school. It's in the hills and only the roads are set up for the acres of tract housing that are soon to come (don't get me started on that - I hate all this development).

There's a nice view of Irvine and Tustin below from up there, especially on a clear day after a rainstorm. I was pleased to find prominent shafts of light piercing through the clouds to the ground below. Patches of light illuminated portions of Irvine and Tustin creating some interesting layers and patterns. The light was fantastic, the scenery - not so much. But I did get a couple nice shots. Check it out above or on Flickr.

On a side note - I will be keeping up with this blog better in the future and I will be taking more pictures!

Happy Holidays!