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Featured Testimonial: Online Course

A recent graduate of my Introduction to DSLR Photography Online Course had this to say about the course:

Nick Carver not only has a firm grasp on the subject of photography, he also has an excellent understanding of how people learn. His online courses are designed to insure that all types of learners--visual, kinesthetic,and auditory--walk away with an improved understanding of photography and how to implement what they've learned. Nick isn't my first photography teacher but he is the only one who actually taught me how to take better photos. In his course the lights turned on for me and my pictures will never be the same. Thanks Nick! 

- Shannon P.

Shannon completed this course as part of The Complete Package - which includes all 4 of my online courses with a savings of over 27% - and is now working on the subsequent courses. Learn more about my "Introduction to DSLR Photography" online course here and my discount packages here.

Featured Testimonial: Online Courses

A student of my How to Shoot in Full Manual Online Course said the following in a recent email to me:

I would highly recommend your course to my friends, as you make an excellent presentation and explanation of the basics of manual photography. You are an excellent instructor.

- Frank D.

It always feels good to receive unsolicited testimonials like this. If you're interested in learning the correct way to shoot in manual mode, check out my 6-week "How to Shoot in Full Manual" online course here.

Featured Testimonial: Private Lessons

After taking my 4-Week Landscape Photography class at the Irvine Fine Arts Center, Sheila Dement enrolled in some private photography lessons with me. Having already covered landscape photography in the group class, we focused the private lessons on photographing portraits and family events. Among other things, we covered how to shoot in full manual mode, how to find good light, how to frame a portrait, how to edit photos in post-production, how to use Aperture 3 (the image editing software by Apple) and how to prep files for printing. Sheila was kind enough to write a great testimonial for me that I wanted to share here with you.

Here is one of Sheila's photos from AFTER doing private lessons:

Here is one of Sheila's photos from BEFORE doing private lessons:

Here's what Sheila had to say about my private photography lessons:

I have always enjoyed photography and loved taking pictures of my kids and documenting their lives. For years I never knew how to do anything but auto on my camera. I was happy with my results at times, but there were many occasions when my pictures didn’t always turn out. About 3 years ago my daughter joined a dance team. This led to many performances on stage with low light situations. I was continually frustrated with the poor results that I was getting. I would achieve enough light in my photo, but would get a lot of motion blur. With this frustration I decided I wanted to find someone to help me learn how to use my camera and help me achieve the results I wanted.  

I started to search on line for a class or teacher to help me with my quest. In my search, I came upon Nick Carver's website. I was amazed at what I saw and signed myself up for his 4 week course on landscape photography. I took his class and learned a lot. As I practiced what I learned I started to gain a better understanding on how my camera worked. It surprised me at how easy it was to shoot in full manual. It really wasn't that scary!! After the 4 week course, I took several private lessons from him. This took me to a whole new level. I was even more confident in what I was doing and loved what I was achieving. Nick makes it so easy to understand. He is an amazing, gifted teacher. He helps you understand in such a simple way. He is very knowledgeable and is so willing to share. He is very friendly and fun. I would recommend him to everyone. I love it now when someone says….WOW you took that picture! And I can say yes, I had an awesome teacher show me how. I am so grateful that I found Nick.

- Sheila Dement

If you're in Orange County and are interested in doing private photography lessons, click here for more information. If you're in another part of the state or country and can't make it out here for private lessons, check out my online courses here.