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A Couple New Pics

As I've mentioned recently, summer isn't exactly peak season for landscape photography here in So Cal. The beaches are packed and the hills are dead. But in my Landscape Photography Class in Irvine this May, we were lucky enough to get a pretty decent sky and empty beach for the field shoot.

The tide was very high that day and the sand was littered with seaweed and other debris, but in between helping students with their manual metering and filter use, I was able to get a few decent shots. I picked the two "cleanest" compositions to share with you here.

Crystal Cove State Park, CA

Crystal Cove State Park, CA

I'm really looking forward to fall. That's when the skies start to show some color again and the beaches clear out.

Surprise Sunset at Crystal Cove

I went out to Crystal Cove on July 1st with a very talented student of mine for a lesson. The weather was overcast thanks to the typical marine layer we get here in June-July. I wasn't going to hold my breath for a great sunset, but then I saw a little break in the clouds above us. That break grew larger until the marine layer burned off to a perfect balance of clouds and sky, resulting in some seriously awesome colors as the sun dropped.

For this first picture (which was taken later in my set), I wanted to highlight the reflections of these beautiful clouds in the wet sand. My intention was simplicity - make the picture all about the clouds and water without any rocks to distract.

I'm a little bit obsessed with wet sand reflections. I try to capture them just about every time I go to the beach for a shoot.

These next pictures are from earlier in the evening. Both are the same composition, but I felt the different wave patterns created such vastly different emotional responses in each that it was worth sharing both.

I felt this first one communicated the power and movement of the waves. Looking at it, you can almost hear the roar of the water as it comes crashing towards you. Gives a feeling of chaos and excitement.

This next one, however, is much calmer. Although the waves are choppy, the lack of whitewater and more prominent reflections creates a more serene feeling for the viewer . Also, the lack of ground in this picture makes it seem like you are further out in the water - as if you are looking at this scene while floating calmly on a boat. Personally, this one is my favorite. I like the emotional response it elicits in me.

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