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Group Shoot at Descanso Gardens

I attended a really great group photo shoot at Descanso Gardens in LA County with some friends this past Sunday. It was just a bunch of photographers and models getting together to do what they do best without the pressures of money, deadlines or competition. These kinds of meetups are tons of fun and I highly recommend organizing/attending some if you have the chance (photographer, model or otherwise)!

Here are a few of my results from the shoot.

Morgan Carver (3,6,8)
Rachel Lindley (1, 2, 5, 7)
Alex Lake (4)
Forrest Wish (7)

Merry Christmas!

I know it's only Christmas Eve, but...


I have a problem…

I have few addictions in life - Milano cookies, S'Mores Pop-Tarts, bread. But I'm afraid I just found another: Antique cameras.

As you can read from my previous blog entry, I bought a vintage Kodak camera from an antique shop a few days ago. It's been on display in my room/office and I thought I was satisfied...

Then I saw her. She was sitting so innocently in her display case. A "1-A Kodak Jr." Good condition, excellent price tag. I knew I had to have her. Then I saw her friend. Slightly larger, same era. She even came with her original leather case. Her price tag was just as appealing. I couldn't decide between the two; I had to get both. I forked over the money, got them home, cleaned them up and now all three are on display in my room/office.

Three antique cameras in 2 days. I'm referring to them as sentient females. I think I've just opened a box I don't know how to close. I think I have a problem. I'm scared.