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Laguna Beach Waves

It's been a little while since I've posted any new work - it's been mostly words lately - but I went out to Laguna Beach a couple weeks ago as part of my Landscape Photography Class held in Irvine and I was able to get a few shots. Not my most ground-breaking work in my opinion...but they are still decent enough to share.

On this first one, I couldn't decide which wave pattern I liked the best so I tried arranging them in a triptych instead and it came out as my favorite. Click the image above to see a bigger version.

Thanks for stopping by!

Back Again at Shutterstories!

Don't forget that I'm back at Shutterstories in Riverside on May 2nd to give my "Manual Exposure and Filtration for Nature Photography" seminar! Honestly, Shutterstories is one of my very favorite places to teach and this seminar is one of my best. The facility is fantastic - very nice - and the seminar is really the most information for your money. You won't be disappointed!

What is it?
Learn how to manually expose and get the pictures you envisioned in the "Manual Exposure and Filtration for Nature Photography" seminar led by Outdoor Photographer published writer and photographer Nick Carver. This seminar is sure to demystify the seemingly complex craft of manual exposure and how to get the correct exposure from the start. Nick Carver will teach you his easy-to-understand and fun-to-use technique for manual exposure so you'll never have to guess at exposure again! You'll also learn how to use the must-have filters of all the great landscape photographers along with pro field techniques that will take your images from amateur to pro in record time!

Who's it for?
Photographers of all skill levels

When is it?
Sunday, May 2, 2010 from 1:00pm - 4:00pm

How much is it?
Only $39!

How can I reserve my seat?
Call Melissa Tippie of Shutterstories at 951.318.1574 or 951.683.3444 or visit theĀ Shutterstories website

Don't delay! Reserve your spot now!

Seminar Ideas

In lieu of my on-location photography workshops, I'm cooking up some new classroom-setting seminars throughout OC, San Diego County and Riverside County. Before I set them in stone, though, I'd like to know what you'd like to learn!

For a class that's maybe 2-3 hours at around $40-$50 a head, what would you like to learn? Manual exposure, filters, advanced composition, something else...what? I'd love to hear!

Please send an email to info [at] nickcarverphotography [dot] com if you'd like to be heard!

Thank you!