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Photo a Day Challenge: Day 2

Photo a Day Challenge: Day 2 - Palm Trees on Ilford Delta 100 FilmPalm Trees and Sky - Irvine Ranch Historic Park
Wednesday, August 14, 2013 at 3:06pm
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With my discovery of the Irvine Historic Park on day 1 of my Photo A Day challenge, I decided to return for day 2 to see what else I could find. Towards the rear of the property there is a stretch of driveway leading to what I'm assuming was the once-impressive entry gate to this homestead. Lining either side of the curved driveway is a colonnade of evenly spaced palm trees. After failing to find a decent shot of the architecture (which was and is my main attraction to this place), I started feeling out some compositions on these trees.

I circled the trees looking up and down for the right angle. The light was harsh on account of the clear midday sun but I knew this would be suitable for the high-contrast monochrome look I was after. I wanted to highlight the repetition in these perfectly spaced palm trees in some way. With my lens pointed straight up using my camera handheld, I snapped the shutter at 1/250 of a second at f/11. No filters were used. The image was made on Wednesday, August 14th at 3:06 pm.

I think this is the kind of photo that would be utterly mediocre in color. The blue sky was nice, but the desaturated nature of black and white takes the viewer a little further out of reality. For me, this photo has a vibe of 1920's Hollywood and Los Angeles that I can't quite articulate better than the photo does.

By day 2 of this little photo a day challenge, I realized that this exercise was already resulting in photos that I never would have taken otherwise. Clearly the challenge was working. Plus, it gave me a great excuse to get out and see the neighborhood, revealing hidden gems like this that I normally wouldn't have stumbled upon.

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