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Photography Classes Orange County: Camera Filters


Photography Classes Orange County: Camera FiltersThe next session of my Filters for Outdoor Photography class is on Saturday, February 8th at 10:00am. This Orange County photography class meets just one Saturday at 10:00am-12:30pm. From UV filters, to polarizers, to split ND filters, to white balance, this class will teach you how to use all the most important camera filters for outdoor photography. I consider camera filters my most important tools for creating great landscape photos and they are an integral part to almost every type of outdoor photography. I've structured this class to not only teach you how to use these filters, but also to help you sift through the countless options at the local camera store so that you'll know exactly what to buy and what to not waste your money on.

Don't be fooled by the marketing of software companies - camera filters are just as useful in digital photography as they've ever been! Find out what filters Photoshop can never replace and which filters are most important to keep in your bag. Learn how to avoid blown-out skies in your landscapes with split NDs, how to get richer colors with a polarizer, how to mimic a warming filter with your white balance, what the real advantages to RAW files are, and more!

With a small class size of only 12 students max, you'll get personalized attention and you'll never be left behind. Plus, my photography classes Orange County are highly rated amongst previous students. Please browse through my Yelp reviews or read the testimonials on my website here to see what previous enrollees had to say.

Here's what a previous student had to say about my classes:

"I have taken a course at our community college and a few on line courses and have not found any to be as informative and easy to understand as Nick's instruction."

- Sheri P.

Don't wait until this class fills up! Reserve your seat today for just $39! More details about this course including enrollment information can be found here.

Featured Testimonial: Beginner Photography Class in Orange County

I recently completed a session of my Understanding Exposure for Beginners class, which is a 2-week beginner photography course in Orange County, CA. It was a great group of students that were a real pleasure to work with. One of the students was kind enough to send me this glowing review of the class:

I came across Nick Carver while searching the internet for “photography lessons.” I received a beautiful Nikon 3200 DSLR for Christmas last year and had (I am ashamed to say) been using it like a regular point and shoot camera. I purchased a manual more comprehensive than the one the camera came with that delved deeply into the camera’s functions, but even after reading it carefully I still felt like all the symbols on my camera were as foreign as hieroglyphs. I also bought two books that explored composition and vision in photography, but all the vision in the world is useless if you don’t know how to utilize the tools needed to get you there. Nick’s two week class “Understanding Exposure for Beginners” covered the integral first step to understanding photography that all these books did not: the physics. Sounds complicated? It’s really not, at least not the way Nick explains it.

Simply put, he teaches you how your camera engages light, and how this interplay results in different photographs. The pacing of the course is just right. Nick seems to makes an effort to stay attuned to the needs of the class and is happy to help individuals with questions, whether they are about what kind of exposure might be apt for a certain setting or where to find the ISO button on your camera. The goal is not rote memorization but comprehension. I’m not going to say I left the class feeling like a good photographer, that takes time and practice, but I do feel like I can now find my way there.

- Charmaine V.

If you're a beginner photographer who's struggling to grasp exposure, shutter speed, aperture, or ISO and you're in the Orange County area, don't miss out on the next session of this highly-rated class. The next session starts soon! Details can be found here. And if you're not in the Orange County area, reap the benefits of this class through my Introduction to DSLR Photography online course here