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New Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® Online Course

Learn Adobe® Lightroom® online at your own pace

8 lesson guides | 4 ½ hours of video | Lifetime course access

New Adobe Lightroom Online CourseI'm delighted to announce that my new Adobe Lightroom Online Course is ready for enrollment! This is my most extensive online course ever created with 8 lesson guides comprising 252 pages of material along with a whopping 37 videos totaling 4 ½ hours of instruction. This course is jam-packed with Adobe Lightroom 5 tutorials that will teach you how take control of this incredible piece of software.

In this course you'll learn how to make powerful image adjustments that will take your photos to the next level, how to organize your pictures effectively, how to avoid the common mistakes (and headaches) many Lightroom users make, and how to create and manage an efficient workflow! Learn how to soften skin, whiten teeth, enhance the eyes, recover shadow detail, intensify your landscapes, make advanced color correction and tone adjustments, airbrush specific areas of your photos, and so much more. But it's not just about image enhancement, you'll also learn how to manage your image files efficiently so that you can find them quickly and easily. Check out the free preview here for a sneak peak into all the amazing things you'll learn in this in-depth course.

With included lifetime course access, you can work as fast or as slow as you want on this self-paced online photography course. Never worry about losing access to the materials, and review the curriculum as often as you want. Click here to learn more about how this online photography course work.

This Adobe Lightroom Online Course is designed to get even the most technically-challenged newbies in control of Lightroom so they can edit better, faster, and with less frustration. So what are you waiting for? Unleash the power of Adobe Lightroom today with this Adobe Lightroom Online Course!

Click here to learn more about this course

Use promo code HOLIDAYS10 at checkout for 10% off thru Dec 2nd!


Holiday Gift Ideas: Photography Courses on Sale!

and Holiday Gift Ideas for Photographers

Treat the photographer on your list with one of these great holiday gift ideas.
Or better yet, treat yourself. You've been good.


Holiday Gift Ideas: Photography Courses on Sale!

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Online Photography Courses


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Holiday Gift Ideas: Orange County Photography Courses on Sale!

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Save on enrollment fees for all classes held at my Learning Center in Tustin, CA. The "Understanding Exposure for Beginners" class is the perfect companion gift to a new camera.

Holiday Gift Ideas: Private Photography Lessons in Orange County

Private Photography Lessons
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Great for beginner, intermediate, and advanced shooters, private lessons make an excellent gift for the OC-based photographer in your life. Print-at-home certificates are available!



Don't battle the crowds this holiday season. When you give a loved one the gift of an online photography course, Orange County photography class, or private photography lesson, you can order online and receive a print-at-home gift certificate without ever leaving the comfort of your home. These holiday gift ideas are the perfect companion present to a new DSLR or mirrorless compact digital camera.

Take advantage of these savings while you still can! This sale ends December 25th! Contact me today for more information about these services or click the links above for more details on what these gifts have to offer. Dollar-amount gift certificates are also available.


50% off sale applies to all online courses. Discounts reflected on website. 10% off group photography classes applies only to classes held at the Nick Carver Photography Learning Center at 14471 Chambers Rd, #101, Tustin, CA 92780. Gift certificates and discounts are not available for classes held at the Irvine Fine Arts Center as they handle all of their own enrollment processing. Private lessons are typically offered Tuesday-Saturday from 9:00am to as late as 8:30pm, depending on schedule. Rates vary depending on where the lessons are held. Email for current rates.

The Best Way to Learn the Photography Basics

The Best Way to Learn Photography BasicsLearning the photography basics can seem like a daunting task for beginners. Shutter speeds, apertures, ISO settings, white balance, and all the rest of that photography jargon can really make your head spin. These photography basics are important for any photographer to learn regardless of their style or niche. When taught correctly, these topics are very learnable by even the greenest students.

There are endless free resources online to learn this material, but unfortunately, there is no way to verify their validity. As a novice it's essentially impossible to determine if the information taught in, say, a YouTube video or a free blog post is actually correct. As a professional photography teacher, I can tell you honestly that it's astonishing how prevalent false information is online and how many "teachers" are unknowingly spreading blatantly incorrect material. Just because the guy in the YouTube video sounds like he knows what he's talking about doesn't mean he actually does.

The Pitfalls of Unstructured Study

Take it from someone who has worked with over a thousand photography students of all skill levels: Attempting to learn the photography basics through piece-meal videos and articles is slow, inefficient, and counter-productive. Often times the result is an over-emphasis placed on insignificant topics (like ISO noise) and a complete disregard of the most important stuff. The student will also inevitably run into a lot of conflicting information, and with no stable resource to reconcile it, the student will just be left confused and frustrated. This method of learning photography results in unnecessary confusion and a much higher probability of failure. My toughest students are the ones who do the most independent online study through unverified resources. They tend to place too much emphasis on trivial topics that the internet has blown way out of proportion like megapixel counts, lens choice, full-frame vs digital crop cameras, and high ISO noise. While, at the same time, the really important topics of exposure, manual metering, shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance, and exposure compensation are taught inefficiently and riddled with errors.

But here's the biggest problem with independent, unstructured learning: things are learned out of order. There is no lesson plan or curriculum on YouTube. You learn this thing over here, then that thing over there... it's all out of order. Learning these important photography basics out of order can be worse than not learning them at all. If you're studying advanced topics before the basics are well-understood, you are far more likely to give up because it seems too daunting and too confusing. It's really not too confusing, it's just that you're trying to learn it out of order. The photography basics are learned best through a structured lesson plan that keeps things in the proper order for maximum efficiency and understanding.

Learn Photography Basics From a Reputable Source

Look, I know that it's impossible for this to not sound like one big sales pitch. After all, I am trying to convince you to let me teach you the photography basics. But let's not even talk about my courses for a second. I'm begging you to learn this information from someone reputable - even if it's not me! Learn photography at a local community college or from a reputable online course provider or from a book by Ansel Adams. Learn photography from someone with experience and credentials. Learn it from a professional teacher. Someone who teaches for a living has a vested interest in teaching things well and correctly - that's how we get more clients. The guy who posted a YouTube video for free doesn't really care if the information is taught poorly or incorrectly - he's got a day job and he's doing this for free.

Professional teachers like me charge a fee to teach photography because it takes a lot of work and experience to teach these things well. I've invested over 5 years of my life to teaching photography full-time. I know how to teach it poorly and I know how to teach it well. So even if it's not with me, learn the photography basics the right way. And if you do like my teaching style, please check out my Introduction to DSLR Photography online course covering all the photography basics here or any of my other online photography courses here. Download a free preview of any of my courses using those links. Let me prove to you that I can explain this photography stuff better than you've ever heard before. And be sure to check out the testimonials from previous students here.