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Featured Testimonial: Online Course

Just 4 days after starting the Introduction to DSLR Photography Online Course, student B. Pollert had this to say in an email to me:

Hi Nick - I wanted to let you know how helpful your online course has been. It explains things so clearly...I will definitely recommend your class to others. I've never had it explained so well before. 

- B. Pollert

With a big trip to Kenya planned for just 2 weeks away, B. Pollert contacted me seeking help for shooting wildlife in low-light conditions. The online course proved to be the perfect solution because with all the materials available from day 1, B. Pollert was able to power through the lessons in time for the trip. With all my online courses, you don't need to wait for the next lesson. If you're ready to move on, you can.

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Featured Testimonial: Online Courses

Here's a quick testimonial from one of my Introduction to DSLR Photography Online Course students:

Being a beginner photographer, taking the Introduction to DSLR Photography course by Nick Carver was beneficial. He always gave good and honest constructive critism to further advance my photography knowledge.

This was an Amazing course. I have gained so much experience about photography and understanding my camera as well. This was explained into words that were very understandable and easy to follow. The examples and diagrams were very helpful. It was nice to see a before and after example of each type of photograph.

- C. Garrett

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