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Featured Testimonial: Online Courses

A student of my How to Shoot in Full Manual Online Course and Filters for Nature Photography Online Course recently had this to say about the courses:

I am a physician practicing in Iowa. I started with bird photography. I thought I had the hang of it. Until I took up landscapes. I went through the gear acquisition syndrome including buying a full set of lee filters (6 stops). It still took me 20 exposures to get 75% of the scene right. Completely frustrated, I decided to stop photography until I understood what it was all about. I came across [Nick Carver's online courses] during a google search. They are quite fantastic. I feel my technique is better thanks to the brilliant yet uncomplicated explanations. I would love to take private lessons when I do get the time.

- Dr. Ramarao P.

Learn more about my “How to Shoot in Full Manual” online course here and my "Filters for Nature Photography" online course here. Both courses are offered together at a 10% discount through the "Manual Metering and Filters Package" here.

Featured Testimonial: Online Courses

A student of my Introduction to DSLR Photography Online Course recently had this to say about the course:

I was inspired by Nick Carver's photos, and I was fascinated that he was self taught. As a new photographer, I decided to take Nick's Intro to DSLR Photography Course to become more comfortable with my new camera. Nick has the ability to teach someone who has never touched anything more than a point and shoot, and turn them into a budding photographer! He has a way of teaching the basics so they become second nature and helps to find that eye for light! I see a huge difference in my photos and I know I created them... not the auto features on my camera! I look forward to learning more from Nick!

- Jackie S. 

Learn more about my "Introduction to DSLR Photography" online course here.

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