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Featured Testimonial: Photography Basics Online Course

A student of my Introduction to DSLR Photography Online Course recently had this to say about the course:

This course is very interactive. I love the way you are always speaking with the student as if he were in front of you and I love the fact that you are always "asking yourself" questions about the logic of what it is being explained... Most of the time I was myself wondering about some aspects of the course and you were already expressing that doubt yourself. I guess this comes from a lot of teaching experience and the habit of listening always about the most charateristic learning difficulties of your students...

I like also the fact that you don't mind repeating yourself again and again on the most important concepts. I truly believe that repetition is one of the great tools for teaching. Patience is also a great aspect of the learning experience with your method. I like the way you always stop us from rushing ahead... There is a sequence to follow in your explanations and you ask us to wait until the time comes to go into further details once we are ready. I would say that these classes offer the three main qualities of a teaching experience: "Sequence, frequency and patience" Thanks!

- Philippe B.

The "Introduction to DSLR Photography" online course is my 6-week course all about the photography basics. It forms the vital foundation of photography basics that all photographers must know in order to get control of their images. From shutter speed to aperture to white balance and everything in between, this course is designed to teach my students the most important topics in the most efficient manner possible. This course is labeled as "6 weeks" but with my approach of "work at your own pace," you're free to take as long as you want to finish. You'll have access to all online photography course materials from day 1, so you can progress through the course as fast or slow as you wish. And with lifetime course access, you'll never have to worry about losing access to these helpful lesson guides and videos.

Learn more about how my online photography courses work here and read more testimonials here.

Featured Testimonial: Online Photography Course

A student of my Introduction to DSLR Photography Online Course recently had this to say about the course:

I found this course by accident from an online search for photography classes in my area. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an online photography course. I learned more from this course than other courses I took at a local community college. Nick is very approachable and professional; he gives helpful and honest feedback to course assignments. The information in the lessons is clear and easy to understand. Thanks Nick.

- Maria

This course is all about the photography basics that every photographer needs to learn. And as Maria pointed out, this beginner photography course is much more in-depth with clearer explanations than most classes you'll find locally (or elsewhere online for that matter). I make a point of jam-packing my courses with important information so that you, the student, will walk away from the course with a marked improvement in your knowledge and technique.

My goal is not to charge the highest price for the least information. My goal is to make you a better photographer. That's why my courses aren't simply a compilation of tips and tricks you'll hopefully remember next time you're out shooting. My courses teach you the important concepts so that you'll know them for good.

Just try a free sample of my "Introduction to DSLR Photography" online course for yourself. Click here for a free preview and here for more details regarding this course.

Featured Testimonial: Online Photography Course

A student of mine recently had this to say about my online photography courses:

I have taken two of Nick's online courses and I am thrilled with what I have learned so far. I am a novice and Nick has a great teaching style - his courses are easy to understand and he gives tons of examples and resources. Nick's courses are well worth the money and he is always available to answer questions; he takes a genuine interest in your progress.

- Terri T. 

As Terri pointed out, I'm always available to answer questions for students of my online courses (and even for alumni after completion). This is because my online courses are run more like private lessons than group classes. With many other online course providers, the instructor can be difficult to reach and, believe it or not, they often don't even answer their own emails. The instructors at the big online course providers often farm out their correspondence with students to interns or assistants.

With my online courses, I will always be the one answering your questions. I'm interested in you growing as a photographer. Teaching is my business and I don't work for some big parent company. I have a vested interested in your success.

If you want the attention of private photography lessons but in an online course format, click here to learn more about my online photography courses.