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Sunset(s) in Corona Del Mar

My dry spell of new pictures has finally come to an end!

Corona Del Mar Landscape

I took two students out to Corona Del Mar last week for some sunset landscape sessions (two different days, two different lessons). Both evenings served up great sunsets, so I couldn't resist breaking out my tripod alongside my students.

The first sunset was a bit of a surprise because the clouds didn't form until the last minute...just in time to pick up some nice pink hues from the setting sun.

Corona Del Mar Landscape

The next day, the cloud cover was pretty well established at least 2 hours before sunset. I could tell from the atmospheric conditions and the position and shape of the clouds that the sunset was going to be a winner.

As you can see from the pictures, the main focus of both nights was the interesting rock formations and I played with a few different compositions to highlight this land feature. There are only so many angles from which you can attack this subject, so some of the compositions here are pretty similar to those from previous visits. All in all, though, I'm pleased with the results.

Corona Del Mar Landscape

Corona Del Mar Landscape

It felt great to get behind the camera again. Good riddance, drab summer weather!

Only 1 Week Left to Register

Only 1 week left to register for the
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Algae and Rocks in Crystal Cove

Rocks in Crystal Cove State Park, CA

In this past summer session of my Landscape Photography Class in Irvine, I took my class down to Crystal Cove State Park for the field shoot. We lucked out with a super low tide at sunset, but the sunset itself wasn't anything to write home about. No clouds made for a lackluster sky - typical of July in SoCal.

But with the tide so low, we had access to tons of rocks that were absolutely blanketed in bright green algae, which made for great foreground subjects. My best results came from the light a few minutes after sunset. The purple tones in the sky at this time of day complemented the green algae well.

Rocks in Crystal Cove State Park, CA

Rocks in Crystal Cove State Park, CA

And just a quick reminder that registration is open for the next session of my Landscape Photography Class, which starts October 6th. Info on that here.