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Featured Fine Art Piece: Crescent Bay Sunset

Crescent Bay Sunset

Image Title: Crescent Bay Sunset (view)
Image Size: 16"x24"
Total Size: 26"x34"
Edition: 1 of 100 (it's the very first print)
Framing: This unique piece is framed with a dark brown frame hand-made by Nick Carver himself using moulding manufactured in Italy. The image is further accented with a seamless black linen liner with a 30 degree bevel that helps to showcase the rich colors in the image without being distracting.
Price: $650 SOLD

This piece was special-ordered by a client who saw the image on the cover of Coast Magazine last month (view cover). I was fortunate enough to meet this client in person and see their reaction to the piece. They loved it!

As with all limited edition fine art prints, this piece is printed with LightJet technology on Kodak Professional Endura Metallic Paper, making them the finest quality prints available. Framing is done personally by Nick Carver and consists of a unique presentation method you won't find at your local frame shop. It utilizes no glass for maximum light transmission and a brighter image. The print is instead protected by a gloss laminate that allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. The presentation is truly stunning and is designed to withstand the test of time. Click here for more info on fine art prints.

If you'd like more information about purchasing a limited edition fine art print like this or any other image in the catalog, email Nick at info [at]


Some New Seascapes

Ah, you gotta love winter in Southern California. The weather isn't bad enough to be a hassle, but there's just enough of it to bring some color to our sunsets.

Over the past couples weeks, I've been able to get down to the beach several times to get shots at sunset. This post covers just 2 of those outings (with 2 more days coming in another post soon!). The first set here is from Laguna Beach down below the Montage Resort and are actually my results from the field shoot for the recent winter 2011 session of my Landscape Photography Class. The clouds were fantastic and lit up a blood red as the sun dropped below the horizon. It was gorgeous.

In this first picture, I wanted to capture all the sea life in this tide pool along with the perfect reflection of clouds off the water in the background. I couldn't believe how many sea urchins were in this pool. I had to get my camera uncomfortably low for this shot, but it was worth it.

Laguna Beach Sunset

I then moved over to the sand to get the movement of the water with, again, the reflections of the clouds off the ocean surface in the background. I couldn't decide which of the two verticals I liked better, so I thought I'd post them both. They have a different enough feel to warrant two pictures, I think.

Laguna Beach Sunset

Laguna Beach Sunset

Laguna Beach Sunset

Once the clouds flared up red, I moved back to the rocks and tide pools.

Laguna Beach Sunset

The second day was at Crystal Cove State Park. The sunset wasn't as vivid as I normally like, so I didn't come home with a ton of pictures I loved. Again, I couldn't decide which of the following two pictures I liked better, so here's both.

Crystal Cove State Park Sunset

Crystal Cove State Park Sunset

There you have it. More from Corona Del Mar coming soon!

Some New Beach Pictures

Still chipping away at my backlog of pictures from the past couple months. I just finished 2 shoots from January, both at the beach, and here are the results.

This first one is from Crystal Cove State Park.

The rest of the pictures are from a beach in Laguna. I had a lot of fun shooting them because the clouds were awesome all evening. A passing rain cloud gave me a bit of a shower, but I love it when that happens - makes me feel like I'm actually working for my shots.

Laguna Beach, CA

These rocks were absolutely crammed full of mussels...

Laguna Beach, CA

Laguna Beach, CA

I could see some rain falling over the Pacific way off in the distance. When the sun dropped low enough, they lit up orange and pink. It was really gorgeous.

Rain in Laguna Beach, CA

Click image for larger version

Still got 1 or 2 shoots left in my backlog, so more to come soon!