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Thousand Steps Sunset

Thousand Steps in Laguna Beach

The clouds looked promising last Friday, so I decided to get out to the beach for some sunset pictures. I'm a little bit burned out on Crystal Cove and my other usual spots, so I went to Thousand Steps to see what I could get. I hadn't been to this beach in awhile, but I really do love it there. The single staircase of 223 stairs makes it more difficult to access than the usual Laguna beaches, which sucks for carrying 30+ lbs of camera gear (mostly on the way back to the car) but it's great for keeping the crowds away.

The sunset was, well...I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Thousand Steps in Laguna Beach

Thousand Steps in Laguna Beach

There's a weird illusion going on with this last picture where the horizon looks crooked, but definitely isn't. Strange...

Yet Another Beach Sunset

As I've mentioned, this time of year is primo for shooting sunsets in So Cal. So, I always end up hitting the beach quite a bit to try and get some new material. This is peak season (no pun intended) for what I do. If I were a Santa impersonator, this would be my Christmas.

I went back out to Crystal Cove on Friday. Judging by the clouds all day, I thought the sunset was going to be a winner. But, of course, the clouds were all burned off down by the beach. If you know me, you know I hate clear blue skies - it makes for boring landscapes. It turned out okay, but a sunset brimming with color would have made the shots much more memorable.

I found an interesting rock that looked like two discs stuck in the ground. It was the center of my attention for the evening.

With my RAW files loaded up on the computer, I decided to get a little creative with the white balance and cropping to make a shot different from my usual. I thought the cool tones of a heavy-blue white balance and a panoramic cropping on the following picture worked quite well.

There ya have it. Thanks for stopping by!

Awesome Sunset

I figured out years ago that the most beautiful sunsets in Southern California happen during the season change from summer to fall - a nice relief from the drab sunsets of summer. Well, this year is no exception and we had a breathtaking sunset last Thursday that I was lucky enough to shoot.

The spot I chose in Crystal Cove State Park had wet sand so smooth and glassy it was practically a mirror for the sky. And since the sky was really what I wanted to capture, I figured these reflections would be a perfect way to double my subject for double the impact.

These first 2 compositions are practically the same, but I couldn't decide what I liked better: the untainted reflections dominating the foreground or the water line coming in from the left.

This sunset truly was stunning and the colors represented in the above pictures are very accurate. It was actually that colorful.

After the color faded, I got this shot of an interesting little rock formation in the surf. I heightened the blue colors with a false white balance to help add to the cool and empty feeling. I really like the calmness in this shot.