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A Year in Review – Best of 2012

Well, the Mayans were wrong. We made it all the way to the end of 2012 and a new year is on the horizon.

2012 was a milestone year for me. The year started off with a bang as I finally made my way into a gallery in Laguna Beach. My new relationship with Artist Eye Gallery has been a major boon for my fine art pursuits. I'm still building up my name in the art community and I have big plans in the coming year in regards to my new releases. This year also marked the move of my business headquarters out of my home and into my own office in Tustin, CA at the all-new Nick Carver Photography Learning Center (as I'm calling it). It's been quite a ride getting the walls painted, the rooms furnished, and the new classes organized. It's a very exciting step for me.

The past 12 months saw my highest ever online course sign-ups, website visits, and profits with my private lessons growing an unprecedented 62% over 2011 and my online courses growing by 76%! The fine art side of my business also grew by 34% thanks in no small part to my new presence in Artist Eye Gallery in Laguna Beach. Plus, my work appeared in Sunset magazine this year and I made the big decision to venture back into film - a very rewarding move for me.

It was a year for the books and it's going to be tough to top it in 2013 - but I will. Thank you all for your continued support, whether it's by enrolling in a class, taking private lessons or just visiting my site and enjoying my work, I truly appreciate your contribution. I am very grateful to have so many followers, fans, viewers (or however you want to word it)! Thank you!

I thought I'd start 2013 with a blog post featuring my 5 favorite pictures and my 10 favorite blog posts from 2012. Here they are:

My 5 Favorite Pictures from 2011

Click the first 3 photos to view larger

^ This is, hands down, my favorite photo from 2012. Taken on my visit to the White Mountains of California, I photographed this ancient bristlecone pine tree in the warm glow of the setting sun over the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It's my favorite photo for a few reasons. First, visiting these ancient bristlecone pine trees was a life changing experience. I'm not going to bother trying to explain that fully in just a couple sentences - that'll come in a new blog post. Also, although this photo isn't my first 4x5 large format shot ever taken, I consider it my first truly successful 4x5 shot - the first one where I feel like I didn't mess anything up and I really did things right. 

Interior of an old barn in Utah - Ilford Delta 100 Film

^ I know this shot may not do much for most people, but it means a lot to me. Taken in my aunt's old barn in Utah, I really love this shot because of the memory tied to it and the fact that I shot it on 35mm black and white film. I spent time inside the barn, soaking up the rich textures and dramatic light with nothing more than my camera and a ladder serving as a makeshift tripod. Good times. See other photos from that shoot here and here

Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes at sunrise in Death Valley National Park, CA

^ This is another one of those shots that didn't get a huge reaction out of people compared to my other pictures from this trip, but there's just something about it that I like. I took it during a one-on-one destination workshop with a student to Death Valley who was nice enough to bring some beautiful sunrises and sunsets with him. I made this picture on 35mm Provia 100F film at the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes. If you know me, you know how I love sand dunes and film. So I guess this picture just brought those two together perfectly for me. See the rest of the pictures from that trip here

Sunset in Crystal Cove State Park, CA

^ Taken with my trusty old Canon 5D, I liked this picture so much that I chose it for the cover of my 2013 wall calendar. If I'm honest, I don't remember taking this photo as well as I remember most shots I take. No special memory tied to it, no special feelings or emotions - the composition just worked out well and the waves came in at just the right angle. See more shots from that sunset here

Run-Down Houses Near Lee-Vining, CA off Highway 395

^ Yet another vertical photo. Hmm...I guess I had a thing for vertically oriented photos in 2012. Anyway, I was pleased with this shot because the clouds were kind enough to break at just the right time in just the right spot. The fresh snow of the incoming storm laid down a beautiful blanket of white to spruce up this old shack outside Lee Vining. I love me some inclement weather, so the memory of the storm alone is enough to put this image in my list of favorites, but I'm also happy with how the composition worked out and how the sky turned out with the use of my tried-and-true split NDs. No HDR here, just good ol' filters. See more photos from that trip here and here

Top 10 Blog Posts from 2012

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8. Choosing a Tripod - view
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7. How Many Megapixels Do You Really Need? - view
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1. Venturing Back Into Film - view
This post may not be as informative as some of my other posts, but it marks one of the most exciting decisions I've ever made in my career. 


So there you have it. Goodbye to 2012. You've been good to me.

I hope 2013 brings you, me and everyone in between all the prosperity, joy, and growth we can handle. Stay positive and stay grateful.