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Photo a Day Challenge: Day 9

Photo a Day Challenge: Day 9 - Avocado on Ilford Delta 100 FilmAvocado - Irvine, CA
Wednesday, August 21, 2013 at 2:41pm
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Day 9 of my Photo a Day Challenge was the first day I felt like I really dropped the ball. The creative juices were stagnant, I was busy and preoccupied with other things, I couldn't get out of the house for a decent stretch of time. I wasn't "in the zone." But hey, it happens. That's half the point of this challenge - to work through those tough days.

Rather than throw in the towel and just not take a photo, I tried to make something work at home. I was in the middle of making lunch when I looked at the half an avocado sitting on my counter. "That might work," I thought. I envisioned the avocado in black and white with the meat a bright white tone contrasted against a stark black background and a dark core. Shot straight down from overhead with the avocado placed squarely in the middle of the frame, I might achieve an ultra-simplistic composition that would highlight the shape and tones.

So, I put the avocado on my black coffee table and positioned my tripod overhead. In order to make the green meat brighten up, I opted for a Green #11 filter. This would also help darken the core, which is more of a reddish tone. My calculated exposure came out to f/22 at 1 second. I used f/22 to get a sufficient depth of field on this subject because being at this close of a shooting distance, my plane of focus shrunk down to almost nothing. Using a cable release and mirror lock-up to minimize vibrations in the 1" exposure, I exposed a few frames at different brightnesses. Turns out my first calculated exposure was the right one. I did a tiny bit of dodge and burn on this photo to eliminate some faint texture that showed up in the background and to further lighten the avocado meat.

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