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Photo a Day Challenge: Day 28

Photo a Day Challenge: Day 28 - Jaguar on Ilford Delta 100 filmJaguar - San Diego Zoo, CA
Monday, September 9, 2013
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For day 28 of my photo a day challenge I found myself at the San Diego Zoo. I would have loved to shoot medium format in keeping with my 3 rules for this challenge, but it just wasn't practical to use 6x7 at the zoo. So, this was one of the few days where I broke my rule of only using 120 size film. Instead, I opted for the much lighter weight and much more versatile 35mm. This was also a day when I broke my rule of only 4 photos. Photographing wildlife is tricky and 4 frames just isn't enough! I needed the full 36 exposures on the roll.

I actually wrote a blog post about this trip back in September. That entry has details on my settings along with several other photos from the shoot. Check that out here.

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