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High Up Above Trabuco Canyon

Trabuco Canyon Hike

Well, it's official. I'm in love with the Trabuco Canyon trail. You may notice I've been posting a lot of pictures from this area of the Cleveland National Forest recently. It's for 3 reasons: 1) I can actually get there now that I have a 4x4. 2) The weather has been gorgeous lately. And 3) I absolutely LOVE the scenery here!

It's like a little taste of Oregon right in Orange County. Yes, a very little taste, but a taste nonetheless. After all, where else in Orange County can you find stately spruce trees enshrouded in fog blanketing an entire mountainside? That's not to mention the creeks winding through the canyons.

I visited this trail again on Sunday, and this time, we made it all the way to a peak above 4000'. Total hike was about 6.6 miles with around 2000' elevation gain. Not the most treacherous I've done, but with 38 lbs of camera gear on my back, it was a solid workout. Luckily, we started off in the rain and the temperatures hovered around 52 degrees all day.

Here are my pictures from the day (click the panos for larger versions):

Trabuco Canyon Hike

Trabuco Canyon Hike

Trabuco Canyon Hike

Trabuco Canyon Hike

View from the top. We could see all the way to Catalina!

Trabuco Canyon Hike

Trabuco Canyon Hike

I've only scratched the surface of these Santa Ana Mountains. I'm sure I have many more years of exploring its depths ahead of me.

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