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New Adobe Lightroom Class in Tustin, CA starts Aug 30

Adobe Lightroom Class

Class starts August 30th in Tustin, CA and runs for 3 Consecutive Saturdays

Adobe Lightroom Class in Orange County, CAI'm very pleased to announce that, by popular demand, I've come up with a brand new Adobe Lightroom Class at the Nick Carver Photography Learning Center in Tustin, CA! This class begins Saturday, August 30th at 10:00am-12:30pm and meets the subsequent 2 Saturdays for a total of 3 meetings to discuss workflow, file management, image adjustments, output, and more!

Adobe Lightroom offers a world of valuable tools to the digital photographer, but many users don't use this program to its full potential. In this class about Adobe Lightroom, you'll learn everything from import to export, including proper file management, how to adjust images for maximum impact, how to set up an efficient workflow, and more. This isn't just a class about how to use Adobe Lightroom, it's about how to use Lightroom like a pro to cut down your time at the computer and create better results.

I'm big on creating a good, efficient workflow. With the right approach, you can drastically reduce your time sitting in front of the computer. And thanks to Lightroom, you can do it quicker than ever. But the key is knowing how to make the most out of this revolutionary program. That's why I'll be teaching you all the most important topics to get the effects you want and create the organization you need.

Students must have a laptop to bring to class with Adobe Lightroom 4 or 5 loaded on it. All skill levels including beginners are welcome, but advanced "power" users may find this class to be largely review. If you don't have a laptop to use for this course, you're welcome to attend the class for the information, but please be aware that you'll be limited in being able to do some of the in-class exercises.

Maximum class size: 12 seats - $89


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