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Mar 27 Chino Hills Workshop Results

Had another workshop this past Saturday. I forget what it's like having Saturday off from work...hmm. I imagine it's nice, but I can't complain for getting to take some great people out to beautiful locales to teach them photography!

This past Saturday's workshop was in Chino Hills State Park - I love this park. The scenery is classic California and its rolling green hills never fail to relax a worried mind. After giving a few lessons about manual exposure, filtration, focal length, histograms and all that jazz, I thought I'd try to get a shot or two myself. The breeze was moving the grass a fair amount and I wanted to use a small aperture for the large depth of field, but that small aperture slowed my shutter down to something a little bit too slow with my polarizer on. I was about to raise the ISO up to compensate, but then I figured "why fight nature?" The grass blowing in the wind was actually quite beautiful, so why not communicate that in the image?

So instead of increasing the ISO and shutter, I kept the ISO low and slapped a 3-stop solid ND filter on the front of my lens and went for a long shutter to capture the movement on film (card?). This was my favorite composition for this effect. My settings were 0.3" at f/18 and ISO 100. I also had a circular polarizer, a 3-stop solid ND and a 1-stop split ND on the front of my lens.

To my students: You guys were a lot of fun to take out there! I hope you enjoyed the scenery, the knowledge and the company. Thank you all for coming and I hope to see you again soon!

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