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Mar 23 Quail Hill Workshop Results

Well, Quail Hill Trailhead is finally open again after some renovations and, although there weren't blankets of flowers, there were some lupine and goldfields in bloom for my March 23rd Quail Hill Workshop.

I snapped this quick shot at the end of the workshop as the sun was setting behind the hills. Looking back on it, I wish I'd captured a lupine instead of this grass because the purple flowers would have stood out nicely against the green background. This grass with the green on green color scheme is a little hard to see. But oh, well... The shot ain't horrible, so here it is. For those of you interested, I used a 2 or 3-stop split ND (can't remember which one) to darken the sky.

Thank you to my group of students for attending and for making this little outing so much fun!

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