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Featured Testimonial & Student Images: Online Courses

Dr. Levine is a student of mine who has done my full lineup of online courses. Although he lives on the other side of the country, I had the great pleasure of meeting him when he came to visit Southern California and we did a 1-on-1 lesson at the beach. He recently completed the "How to Shoot in Full Manual" and "Filters for Nature Photography" online courses and had some nice things to say about them.

Image by Jeff Levine

Image by Jeff Levine

Both images copyright Jeff Levine
Taken in full manual mode with filters after completing the
online courses 

For the "How to Shoot in Full Manual" online course, Dr. Levine had this to say:

Nick provided me with the confidence and technical skills to advance in my photography. He is an amazing teacher and my skills have advanced to the point that others have requested the pictures that I have taken. I only wish there were more courses for me to take.

- Dr. Jeffrey Levine

For the "Filters for Nature Photography" online course, he had this to say:

The quality of my pictures has improved significantly with the skills learned in this course. The technical knowledge and application of how to use filters has helped me create dramatic photographs. The course has been extremely influential in being able to take great landscape photographs!

- Dr. Jeffrey Levine

For information on these and other online courses, click here. Special thanks to Dr. Levine for the kind reviews and for allowing me to share his gorgeous photography on my blog. Keep up the good work!