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Featured Testimonial: Online Courses

A student of my Introduction to DSLR Photography Online Course said the following in a recent email to me:

I'm using the Sony Nex-5N. I of course realize it's mirrorless, but the lessons are very applicable. I bought a huge book written JUST for the NEX, but had already learned more in the first 3 lessons [of your online course]. I especially appreciate the combination reading/video/practical application. Getting it into my brain through 3 modalities is proving very effective for me. It's interesting how even after a couple days, I am beginning to see things in and around the house differently. [Enrolling in your course] was a good move and I'm reasonably sure I will be purchasing the rest of the courses after this. Should have bought the bundle, but experience has shown me I either don't commit or the material is less than expected. Neither has been the case this time. Thanks. 

- Steve V.

It always feels good to receive unsolicited testimonials like this. Learn more about my "Introduction to DSLR Photography" online course here.