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Dec 19 Sunset in Crystal Cove Workshop Results

Well, my last workshop of the year (Sunset in Crystal Cove on December 19th) went great! The tide was the lowest I'd ever seen, the wildlife was out in force and the sunset had at least a little bit of color in it! The temperature was so nice that the beach was actually quite crowded for a December afternoon. Oh well, we still had a blast.

Here are my pictures from the workshop. You'll notice that a couple of the sunset shots have very rich warm tones whereas one has much bluer hues - the one with the bluer tones is more accurate to real life. Sometimes I like to hijack the White Balance function to work as a special effect when I feel it will work for the picture (like in this shot). The intent isn't to create a false representation of the sunset, but just to create a different artistic interpretation of the scene by utilizing a different color palette. I do it very rarely as I usually like to create pretty accurate tones to what I saw in real life. But in some cases, it just works. Enjoy...

^ This is a Brittle Star and it moves like an alien.

As always, thank you to all of my students for attending! It was great having you and I hope you all learned something valuable from this workshop!

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