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Featured Testimonial: Online Photography Course

A student of mine recently had this to say about my online photography courses:

I have taken two of Nick's online courses and I am thrilled with what I have learned so far. I am a novice and Nick has a great teaching style - his courses are easy to understand and he gives tons of examples and resources. Nick's courses are well worth the money and he is always available to answer questions; he takes a genuine interest in your progress.

- Terri T. 

As Terri pointed out, I'm always available to answer questions for students of my online courses (and even for alumni after completion). This is because my online courses are run more like private lessons than group classes. With many other online course providers, the instructor can be difficult to reach and, believe it or not, they often don't even answer their own emails. The instructors at the big online course providers often farm out their correspondence with students to interns or assistants.

With my online courses, I will always be the one answering your questions. I'm interested in you growing as a photographer. Teaching is my business and I don't work for some big parent company. I have a vested interested in your success.

If you want the attention of private photography lessons but in an online course format, click here to learn more about my online photography courses.

Featured Testimonial: Online Courses

A student of my How to Shoot in Full Manual Online Course recently had this to say about the course:

Nick Carver's online courses are well worth the investment, his instructions are written and illustrated with the intent of really teaching his students the fundamentals without filling pages with technical garb. His courses are fun, and challenging but easy to grasp. The communication with each assignment is excellent, constructive and you are never left not understanding something. After his How to Shoot in Full Manual course, I finally feel like I really understand how to use my camera and am able to take the shots I want. Excellent course, would recommend to anyone interested in photography!

- Stacey H. 

Learn more about my “How “to Shoot in Full Manual” online course here.

Featured Testimonial: Online Courses

A student of my Introduction to DSLR Photography Online Course recently had this to say about the course:

Nick Carver's Introduction to DSLR Photography course is a very good course for beginners who are brand new to photography and want or need to learn the basic essentials needed for taking good photographs. This course is a good starting point not only for people who need to utilize photography in a job, but for people who are interested in taking up photography as a hobby. This six-week course is also a good segue into other classes that Nick Carver offers that build on the basics taught in Nick Carver's Introduction to DSLR Photography class.

- Ryken J.

Learn more about my "Introduction to DSLR Photography" online course here.