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Image Stabilization Video

Ever wonder how Image Stabilization works inside your Canon or Nikon lens? Check out this interesting video.

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Featured Testimonial & Student Image: Online Courses

Check out this testimonial and example image from one of my online course students! She sent this very well-composed, beautiful image to me as one of her assignments in the "Composition for Dramatic Landscapes" online course. Read about this course and my other online courses here.

Image by Dottie Davis
Image Copyright Dottie Davis

I’m very pleased with the Composition for Dramatic Landscapes online course. Can't beat the quality of instructional materials as well as expertise provided for the price. The class materials were thorough, the abundant examples spot on, video reinforcement was perfect for us visual folks. Individual feedback was very helpful with improving my composition and technique. AND, the ability to work at my own pace was icing on the cake!

Thanks much!

- Dottie Davis


Student Website Launch

I want to let you all know about the launch of a new website from one of my long-time students, Kim Murphy!

Kim's work is absolutely fantastic. I've mentioned her before on my blog and I mean it when I say she's giving my work a run for its money. She's also had a lot of good things to say about me, which I'm grateful for. You can read one of her testimonials here.

I helped her set up her site and blog through private lessons. If that's something you need help with too, drop me a line.