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No More On-Location Workshops

If you’ve taken a look at my workshops listing page lately, you’ll notice there are some major changes - namely, all of my workshops are pretty much gone. The reason for this is something I want my past, present and potential clients, so desiring, to know. So I’ve created this blog entry to explain what’s going on here...and I’m going to be brutally honest.

As much as I love delivering on-location workshops and despite how rewarding it is to help people become better photographers (and believe me, it is very rewarding), this is a business venture and the idea is to make a profit.

After delivering workshops for almost a year now, I’m sorry to say that they just aren’t profitable enough for me to continue on. Between my expenses, my low tuition fees and all the time spent on planning, promoting and delivering, I discovered that I was netting about $0.78 per hour! Also (and the whole reason this is coming up right now) I'm learning that the State Park system requires ridiculous permit fees, annoying protocol and other requirements that make the time and money spent on these workshops too outrageous to hold. Even with higher tuition fees (which I don’t want to do) and lower costs (which, no matter how I cut it, is impossible), I just can’t pay my bills with these on-location photography workshops. So, I must bring them to an end and focus my efforts on more viable ventures. I can see now why the "big guys" will hold workshops with 20 people at $4,000 a head and still need corporate sponsorship from Nikon or Canon!

Now this revelation, to be perfectly honest, was absolutely devastating. It shook my entire foundation as far as my career and income goes. I was completely terrified for about 24 hours straight, wondering about my immediate future, what I’m going to do, if I’ll still be able to pay my bills and all the usual worries that seem to come with getting fired. I felt like I’d lost my job!

But, with the support of my amazing girlfriend, my awesome brother and my always-helpful sister-in-law, I decided to turn this into something good - nay, something great! So, I’ve decided this is an opportunity to get back to what makes me happier than anything else in the world, the thing that made me fall in love with photography in the first place - making fine art.

One of the most rewarding things I have ever experienced in photography is getting a big, beautiful print made, getting it all matted and framed, and showing it to other people. Letting other people feel the beauty and awe you felt when you took the picture - that’s why I do this. So I’m going back to my passion. I’m determined to make the fine art facet of my business successful. It’s been my dream since I started.

Now I don’t want you to get me wrong here, it’s not that I hated delivering workshops or that teaching isn’t something that makes me happy. It’s quite the contrary. I love teaching! And that’s why I’m going to be offering more private lessons and more classes through third-party venues like community centers and retail stores! I still intend to spread my knowledge of photography to anyone interested and I will continue to help you pursue your passion - only the vehicle in doing so will be a little bit different.

The people I have helped in my workshops have been some of the most grateful, friendly and genuine people I have ever met. I’m proud to say I’ve met them. I’m proud to say I’ve helped them. I’m proud to say I’ve played a hand in making some new professional photographers out there. You, my students, have made this past year one I will never forget and I thank you for being a part of my journey.

I hope to see you again soon.

So in summary, I will no longer be offering privately-run on-location photography workshops, but...

- I will still be offering private photography lessons (info)
- I will still be giving seminars and classes through third-party venues (info)
- There are 2 workshops left that I will still be delivering in the next month (info)
- You’ll be seeing a lot more on the fine art front in the coming months!

Back at Shutterstories May 2nd!

I'm happy to announce that I will again be holding a 1-day seminar entitled "Manual Exposure and Filtration for Nature Photography" at Shutterstories in Riverside, CA!

What is it?
Learn how to manually expose and get the pictures you envisioned in the "Manual Exposure and Filtration for Nature Photography" seminar led by Outdoor Photographer published writer and photographer Nick Carver. This seminar is sure to demystify the seemingly complex craft of manual exposure and how to get the correct exposure from the start. Nick Carver will teach you his easy-to-understand and fun-to-use technique for manual exposure so you'll never have to guess at exposure again! You'll also learn how to use the must-have filters of all the great landscape photographers along with pro field techniques that will take your images from amateur to pro in record time!

Who's it for?
Photographers of all skill levels

When is it?
Sunday, May 2, 2010 from 1:00pm - 4:00pm

How much is it?
Only $39!

How can I reserve my seat?
Call Melissa Tippie of Shutterstories at 951.318.1574 or 951.683.3444 or visit the Shutterstories website

Don't delay! Reserve your spot now!

Redesigned Blog

As you may notice, my blog has a new face!

For you, things will continue as usual - all my old posts are still up and everything is intact as you know it, but from now on, you'll be looking at a prettier, cleaner, more-professional looking blog. I'm extremely pleased with it and I hope it makes your visits to the Nick Carver Photography Blog just that much more enjoyable!

Also, Happy Valentine's Day!

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