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Website Updates: Redesigned Nature Photography Gallery

Nature Photography Gallery

The gallery section of my website has been looking a little out-dated lately, so I decided to re-design it to include more nature photography along with new sections for my portrait photography and architectural photography. It's a cleaner look, the navigation is easier, and there's an entirely new section titled "Collections." This is where you'll find my ongoing artistic studies of certain subjects or photographic styles.

My personal favorite is "The Palms Collection" - an ongoing study of multiple exposures on black and white film showcasing the iconic silhouettes of California palm trees in a unique way. I'm also just starting to dive deeper into "The Joshua Tree Collection" which is a series of images highlighting individual Joshua Trees and the unique shapes they take on. The classic black and white styling and simple compositional approach is designed to feature the individual "personalities" of these iconic yuccas as if the images were photographic portraits. And, of course, there's "The Orange County Collection," an ongoing project to capture the beaches, hills, and sunsets that grace my backyard.

I'm known much more for my nature photography than anything else, but I'm no slouch when it comes to portrait photography, so I decided to share my portraiture work (however rare it may be) in the new "People" gallery. And with plans to shoot a lot more buildings and structures in the near future, I put together a gallery of my architectural photography that is still very much in its infancy. And to showcase my completed, framed artwork, you'll find a new section called "Completed Projects." In addition to all of this you'll find new sections titled "For Art Buyers & Consultants" and "About the Artwork."

Take a break from your busy day and check out the new gallery!


New Adobe Lightroom Class in Tustin, CA starts Aug 30

Adobe Lightroom Class

Class starts August 30th in Tustin, CA and runs for 3 Consecutive Saturdays

Adobe Lightroom Class in Orange County, CAI'm very pleased to announce that, by popular demand, I've come up with a brand new Adobe Lightroom Class at the Nick Carver Photography Learning Center in Tustin, CA! This class begins Saturday, August 30th at 10:00am-12:30pm and meets the subsequent 2 Saturdays for a total of 3 meetings to discuss workflow, file management, image adjustments, output, and more!

Adobe Lightroom offers a world of valuable tools to the digital photographer, but many users don't use this program to its full potential. In this class about Adobe Lightroom, you'll learn everything from import to export, including proper file management, how to adjust images for maximum impact, how to set up an efficient workflow, and more. This isn't just a class about how to use Adobe Lightroom, it's about how to use Lightroom like a pro to cut down your time at the computer and create better results.

I'm big on creating a good, efficient workflow. With the right approach, you can drastically reduce your time sitting in front of the computer. And thanks to Lightroom, you can do it quicker than ever. But the key is knowing how to make the most out of this revolutionary program. That's why I'll be teaching you all the most important topics to get the effects you want and create the organization you need.

Students must have a laptop to bring to class with Adobe Lightroom 4 or 5 loaded on it. All skill levels including beginners are welcome, but advanced "power" users may find this class to be largely review. If you don't have a laptop to use for this course, you're welcome to attend the class for the information, but please be aware that you'll be limited in being able to do some of the in-class exercises.

Maximum class size: 12 seats - $89


Click Here for More Information and to Enroll Today!


Starting a Photography Business: Interview with Barber Career Agency

Starting a Photography BusinessWhat do I, Nick Carver, have to do with barber schools and cosmetology schools? Well, nothing really. But a nice gentleman by the name of Matt from the Barber Career Agency ( recently asked to interview me about starting a photography business. The Barber Career Agency is a one-stop information shop for folks looking to start a career as a barber or cosmetologist. And since the Barber Career Agency is about helping barbers start their careers, Matt has gone around asking all sorts of professionals about what it's like to start your own business. I think it provides invaluable insight into the challenges and rewards of being your own boss, something barbers - and really any aspiring entrepreneur - could benefit from.

Matt worked up a great series of questions that I found to be very interesting. It got me thinking about things I don't often get a chance to dive into.

I know a lot of my readers are interested in starting a photography business, so I thought this interview might be of interest to those folks. And if you're not interested in starting your own photography business, I think you'll find the interview a good read anyway. I talk about how I got started in photography, what keeps my passion going, and what the difficulties of running a business are.

Here's just a small sample from the article:

Q: What do you like most about being a photographer?

A: My favorite part about being a photographer is creating framed artwork. I, of course, enjoy the actual process of taking pictures, but it’s actually a close second to having the finished piece hanging on a wall. I find no greater satisfaction in life than seeing the final framed print. It’s really a shame when people’s picture just reside on a computer or online, never getting printed. It’s such a transient satisfaction to share something on Facebook or Instagram, but once it’s printed and framed, the tangibility that comes with it makes the reward far stronger.

Read the interview in all its entirety at