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October Landscape Photo Class

Registration for my world famous (okay, not quite) Landscape Photography Class this October at the Irvine Fine Arts Center is now open!

This class is a real steal! It's only a 100 bucks, spans 4 weeks with 10 hours of instruction, includes a shoot in the field with me, and covers every topic I could think to include in a Landscape Photography Class. You'll learn how to manually control your camera, how to manually meter, how to use the most important filters for landscapes, composition, shooting techniques, reading a histogram, getting the sharpest image possible, equipment, workflow, post-production and much more!

I really mean it when I say it's a steal, that's not just some marketing tactic. Every time I hold this class, I get students telling me I could charge more for this class and that there's so much information!

It filled up full last session, so get on it! Click here to register! The first class starts October 7th!

New Store at

In an effort to start selling some fine art pieces, I've opened an account with! For those of you who have never heard of Etsy, it's an online community where people can list and sell their handmade or vintage items. Pieces range from handmade dresses to handmade greeting cards and everything in between. There are some seriously amazing products over there.

To view my store (I only have a couple items up so far), go to

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Online Classes

Hello, readers!

I wanted to get your opinion on something as I'm trying to figure out new services to offer my clients. If you could take 5 seconds to answer the poll question below, I'd appreciate it greatly.

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Thank you very much!

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